ERP Consultation

We offer consulting and business process re-engineering services to help you implement the appropriate Odoo solution. Our team are experts of Odoo implementation and we can support or lead with the migration, and training to make sure all of your employees have the tools they need to leverage the Odoo platform. If you already run Odoo and need help, we can support you.

ERP Integration

Odoo is incredibly powerful and is easy to use however, we find that many companies don't know how to integrate its various modules effectively. With our expertise, we can quickly get your company information flowing and work seamlessly with every connected Odoo app to ensure you unleash the true power of Odoo software.

ERP Customization

We do recognise that every business is different but we will challenge your thinking throughout the implementation phase, to make sure you leverage the tried and tested standard Odoo version, however, we do identify the need for customization and therefore our experts are here to support your bespoke needs ensuring you maximize your operations and customer experience.

Join us and make your company a better place.